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I'm national treasure Tommy Maranges. I'm a writer based in Chicago. So far I've written one book. Here are some of the things I care about.


I started Philosophy Bro during my junior year of college. Apologies in advance for the profanity. The project culminated with my book, Descartes' Meditations, BroWith all due respect to Rene, my version is much clearer. 

I've been on the Partially Examined Life to discuss language, morality, love, and humor. I wrote an introduction to Plato's Republic for Cards Against Humanity. John Wick is one of my favorite movies. And so on.

Game Design

I co-created Secret Hitler, and I've written extensively about the design process. Extensively. (Theory, Process, Balance, Design.) You can sign up to find out about playtests of new projects, including my new game, over to the right.


I teach the LSAT in Chicago. I got a 177 on the June 2013 test. I specialize in helping students who have already achieved a score in the 90th percentile move into the 99th percentile, and my rates reflect that. If you're motivated and you're looking for someone to help you perfect your approach, you should use the Contact form below to reach out.



If you want me to email you when I run a public playtest or release a new thing, sign up below. I'll only email you about those specific things, and I won't share your address with anyone else.

I err on the side of not sending you emails, so your best bet is to follow me on Twitter if you really don't want to miss a thing. I publish writing that isn't commissioned on my Medium page.

Working Together

I write and consult for organizations that need to clearly communicate a complicated idea. If you (mostly) know what you're trying to say, but you're worried your audience won't, I can help. I can also help your company and its stakeholders better understand why Moby Dick, Herman Melville's 1851 magnum opus, is not a metaphor for God. If any of that interests you, or you have a question, use the Contact form below to reach out.


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